Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the new platform for social get-togethers. People spend ample free time in interacting via internet. Even news and information gets spread across the Social media faster than conventional media. The greatest advantage of social media is that candid confessions can be made and views can be exchanged. In other words, it is a platform for gaining and sharing ideas.

Social Chanakya leverages this tool to gain maximum exposure for clients and gain positive perception among the users. Social Chanakya chooses online platforms which are in sync with your products/services and target customers. Our online content across the Social Media platforms is going to prove your excellence and will significantly increase your fan-base. Besides improving your brand strength and creating a loyal customer-base, Social Chanakya will also improve your 'social quotient'.

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Social Chanakya promotes your products and services in real-time and brings customers in. We have Strategies to campaign and engage targeted audience in facebook.


Social Chanakya creates a loyal connection between product and individual. We help you promote your brand,products and services on an individual level.


Social Chanakya has mantras towards Targeted advertising methods, Navigation services, and other forms of location-based marketing and promotion.


Social Chanakya maintains Information,Involvement,Community, and Control of your Brand in the blogger's world.


We help you maintain the Professionalism that your Business needs.

other platforms..

Social Chanakya also has mantras for Pinterest, Tumblr, Foursquare, Digg, Youtube.

Social Chanakya thrives on the principle of the 3C's - Create, Craft and Communicate.

We create ideas that are unique and appealing.
We craft strategies to ensure success.
We communicate our ideas in an effective manner.